We are alternative assets specialists

Cities of the

We look for opportunities in Real Estate businesses that contribute to developing the cities of the future, always in long-term alliances with specialist managers. We privilege projects that match the new housing needs, which are sustainable over time and have a positive impact on the environment in which they are located.

for progress

We invest in infrastructure projects that promote connectivity, stimulate development and improve people’s quality of life. We analyze new sectors on a daily basis, convinced that these structures are essential for the progress of the economy.

Ideas with growth potential

We structure financing alternatives for those businesses with high growth potential and with limited capital. Through our Private Debt area, we provide financing for invoices, preferred equity, structured debt, and we provide mortgage and automotive operations, making the dreams of many entrepreneurs come true.

Long-term support

We complement the talent of our specialists with the intensive use of technology, in order to provide comprehensive support to financial services firms seeking to develop their businesses and reach their full potential. We invest in companies that provide mortgage financing, automotive financing,  and small and medium-size companies financing, adding value, knowledge and innovation through our Private Equity area.

Food Safety

We promote the development of agricultural projects, partaking in initiatives presenting a long-term competitive edge that contribute to Chilean and worldwide supply and food safety. In partnership with agricultural traders of the highest standards, we seek investment opportunities in Chile, Peru, and Colombia that allow us to contribute to the establishment of an economically and environmentally sustainable agribusiness, thus ensuring the responsible use of resources.