“Thinking about the Chile Post Pandemic” with the participation of Andrea Repetto and Bettina Hörst

Webinar online / 12-08-2020
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This Wednesday, August 12, the fifth  Frontal Trust’s webinar named “Thinking about the Chile Post Pandemic” took place. Andrea Repetto and Bettina Hörst participated in the meeting, and  talked for more than an hour with Andrés Echeverría, Chairman of Frontal Trust.


In the context of a new  webinar organized by Frontal Trust, Andrea Repetto, teacher at the School of Government of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez and Bettina Hörst, director of Public Policies at Libertad y Desarrollo, pointed out that the wealth tax is a bad idea for  Chile.

Bettina Hörst said that “the countries that have enforced wealth tax have realized how hard it is to collect it. Technically I think there are two opinions”. Hörst also said that wealth tax discussion will  imark a much more milestone than the 10%, “if actually part of the opposition to the government will dance to the sound of the music that Frente Amplio and the  Comunist Party will play or in reality will stand up and say that this is wrong. What today is rather important is the political interpretation of what is going to happen”, she pointed out.

Andrea Repetto said that wealth tax is one of those subjects that we can  be in love or demonize“. Today we are charging on the flow and not on the stock. There are endless practical implementation problems and also creates many inequities. Nevertheless, theoretically it is not insane”. The economist added that “if  it is thought that the richest people in this country contribute more through their taxes, you have to have other taxes before, not this one. I think this is a bad idea for Chile, but it is not the devil, and I also think that it is nice that we speak with the right tone of things”.

At this meeting, these two professionals that are part of the group of advisers of the Ministry of Finance, addressed the political, economic and social situation in Chile and forecasted how they can affect the performance of the country.