“The day after: changes in the real estate sector after the Pandemic”, with Javier Hurtado, Alfredo Palomino and Theonestio Campos

Webinar online / 10-06-2020
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Experts talked about the changes that the real estate sector will experience after the pandemic.

The event gathered more than 200 people. Attendees were informed of updated figures for the sector, which were prepared by Cámara Chilena de la Construcción, and also participated in a roundtable where they discussed the lessons learned from this crisis and the future opportunities of the industry.

On Friday June 5, three real estate experts participated in the third webinar organized by Frontal Trust. The purpose of the event was to know about the current situation of the industry and the changes to come in terms of investments, prices, technological innovation, trends and projects, both for the residential, industrial and commercial areas.

The webinar was named “The day after: changes in the real estate sector after the pandemic”, with the remote participation of nearly 200 people, entrepreneurs, investors and executives, who were able to learn updated figures from the industry, the evolution that different projects have undergone in recent months and identify, from the expert perspective, the opportunities that may arise in the future.

After a brief presentation by Andrés Echeverría, Chairman of Frontal Trust, Javier Hurtado, Studies Manager of Cámara Chilena de la Construcción, explained the evolution of the sector in terms of sales, supply and demand, construction permits, prices and other topics related to the real estate sector. “As the economy, employment and other factors begin to reactivate, we have no doubt that the sale of housing will recover. In December 2020 we should see a growing housing market”.

Subsequently, a roundtable was held, which counted with the participation of Alfredo Palomino, Manager of Architecture of Inmobiliaria Fundamenta, leading player in the housing in height, and Theonestio Campos, General Director of Campos de Chile, a Spanish capital firm that has built more than 3 million square meters in warehouses.

In the conversation, Palomino pointed out that “today we have uncertainties regarding the cost of labor, the volatility of currency and work stoppages, issues that construction companies are going to add to construction costs. Therefore, even though we must make these contracts more flexible, it is impossible to close lump sum projects as we did in the past. ” Theonestio Campos, meanwhile, said that “the change in consumer and purchasing habits that we are experiencing these days is generating great interest in our industrial sector. The presence of online sales channels and storage of supplies is changing the perspective of our sector’s exposure in the future ”.