Frontal Trust Desarrollo Inmobiliario San Bernardo Fondo de Inversión

Notwithstanding the amounts kept in cash and banks, the Fund’s primary purpose is to invest its resources, whether through the contribution of capital or through granting of credits to companies whose purpose is to directly or indirectly develop and materialize a real estate project consisting in the construction, lease, and sale of industrial warehouses in the borough of San Bernardo, Santiago.

According to the foregoing, for the investment in the Project, the Fund shall invest in closely-held corporations’ shares, shares of companies limited by shares, or shares in limited partnerships limited by shares (sociedades en comanditas por acciones), and corporate rights in any partnerships (sociedades de personas) that invest their resources in the Project in turn. Likewise, the Fund may incorporate any companies (regardless of their type), being able to establish in the bylaws the conditions of the essence, or their nature, or those merely incidental. Finally, the Fund may invest in any debt title issued by these companies.

The Fund may control the companies it invests in to achieve such a goal.